SIZE:H - x W - mm


In Fill Out is a project in which 3D printed objects are inflated by boiling in hot water with dye ink to create their unique shape and color. “If we stop looking at 3D printers as high-tech machines, won’t they become the craft of the future?” This was the question driving this project. A 3D printer can seem like a magical machine, but it is not. Basically, the plastic pushed out of the nozzle must be kept from sagging under the influence of gravity.

This is why I focused on a filling method called infill, which is unique to 3D printers. Infill is the density or pattern of how an object is filled. By boiling, the infill structure which is essential for 3D printing appears as the heat softens the surface and expands the air inside.
The patterns that appear on the surface look like decoration. But it is a necessary beauty that arises from the internal structure.
  PLA, a thermoplastic derived from renewable resources and compostable in industrial facilities, is used.
The high-tech of 3D printing mixed with the low-tech of boiling has created a new value. It could be the first step towards 3D printing becoming the antique of the future.


  • お湯で煮ることで、内部の構造に基づいた独特の形状を作り出す3Dプリント作品。 6mmのシートが最大で約36mmまで膨らむ。(6倍) 沸騰した熱で表面が柔らかくなり、内部の空気が膨張して形状が形成される。

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